Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, prefers fins on her feet and cameras in hand. She has spent the past two decades documenting and inspiring people around the world through photography, film, writing, and instructing.

An internationally known marine life author, educator, filmmaker, photographer, and professional scuba instructor, she is an asset to every team. Annie brings imagination and passion to every assignment and seeks to inspire you with her work. In addition to producing her own series, she has been broadcast and published worldwide including BBC, Discovery, the Food Network, Readers Digest Children's Publishing, Bonnier Corporation, Lerner Publishing, Apple and many others. Dive Into Your Imagination has published an entire series of Annie's enhanced books for the iPad you can find her on her iTunes Bookstore here.

Plastic Ahoy, Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch book by Lerner Publishing focuses on three scientists studying the impact of plastic in the North Pacific Gyre. She's worked on many titles including soon to be released Planet Ocean, Why We All Need A Healthy Ocean.

If you are interested in hiring or collaborating with this dynamic ocean advocate, send us an email with your project or call 805-453-1947. You can explore more about her work by visiting or

Annie was awarded four grants from the Save Our Seas foundation, nominated as an Oris Sea Hero and inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.She holds a Masters of Communications from the University of Washington. In addition, she is building a junior dive team in the Pacific Northwest teaching kids how to scuba dive and be ocean storytellers. Find out more about Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving Team.

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